Surfboards Hawaii

I finished shaping the replica 1969 10’3″ Surfboards Hawaii log today!  Whew, I was nervous on this one for sure. 

I researched countless hours on shaping these amazing 50/50 rails (no small task indeed). 

I’ve been in love with rails as long as I can remember, however it’s very rare see them on a board in Florida. 

Here’s Joe with the original…


And, the Lotus Earth
9′ 6″ version…




In the shack…

Working on a special longboard for my pal Joe Foster.  This is to be the third generation of a 10’3″ classic log purchased from Surfboards Hawaii circa 1969. 

The board was duplicated by the legendary Terry Martin of Hobie about twenty years ago. 

Here’s a nice 10’8″ Yater blank with black glue lines…  Hawai’i Style always makes me smile


The Fish Movie

I filmed a new movie shaping a
surfboard dubbed “The Fish” in the 1970’s by a guy named Steve Lis.

This board has been regaining popularity over
the last few years and I wanted to shape an identical replica of the

I found a blueprint of Steve’s
board in a 1977 book on hydrodynamic theory!

36 Hours in Florida

Shot some video last weekend in St. Augustine, Vilano Beach and at home on Amelia Island…

It feels really strange to have not opened the shack in a few weeks. The weather has been sooooo cold here. 

I peaked in the door a couple days ago and I believe a family of squirrels has taken shelter in the rafters.  I told them it was cool and to hang out for a little while longer…

“Where do the great swells come from and why?”  -a line from Big Wednesday… 

Currently my mind is searching for the source of *inspiration* and why. 

To channel the energy of inspiration into art is in itself art and is quite unexplainable.  No machine or computer could ever re-create this energy… If this were possible there would be no need for galleries nor live concerts nor traditional shaping shacks. 

A great board is created with love; the love of the ocean, art, physics, people, laughter and this world is poured into every board I shape. 

Nothing in this life exists in a vacuum.  Each board is built to last a long time.

Long Live Love…



The Wombat

Just finished the new grom Mini-Wombat model and oh does it look fun!!!












This is my “Mini-Wombat” and what I consider the quintessential board for a beginning surfer.

It’s 5’0″ with a wide entry and tail and a nice single-fin box placed slightly forward.

Let the Beanie Hat be the thing…

So what’s the big deal with the hats you might ask? 

Well, for starters the hats are wicked cool man!
For the past year I’ve been developing organic low-impact products for the Lotus Earth Company -and- sometimes the products I sought were better made by others…

I can’t do everything you know… 

So, the products not actually manufactured by us must hold up to a few es-cent-ial criteria.

First and foremost the product has to be hip and bitchin’ and simply make me feel swell. 


Next, the product has to be super durable and last a long time. 


Finally, the product should be handmade in a low-impact environment under fair trade conditions.


Here’s where the Krochet Kids program really surpasses my expectations…

It’s all for a really good cause. 

“Buy a hat and change a life”.

Check out their website for an idea of what we’ll have at the movie premier.

If you’d like a hat or you’re searching for a unique Christmas gift, we’ll have them direct from Northern Uganda, made with love. 

100% of the proceeds are donated to KKI.

Of course the premier is free and there’s no pressure to buy a hat or anything…

Just come hang for Mikey’s movie and some new board designs from Lotus Earth!

We’ll have a Djembe drum down at sunset, bring a drum if you got one.

Oh yeah, don’t forget your favorite lawn chair, some snacks and a few good kemo sabes

Hope to see you there!


What: Mikey DeTemple’s “Picaresque” Surf Film

See Map, Outdoor Theater under the Stars

Friday December 11, 2009 sunset 5:30 p.m.

Awareness of the communities of Northern Uganda

How Much:

Lotus Earth Surfboards will host an outdoor screening of High Seas Films “Picaresque”.

The movie is part of our effort to raise awareness for a really rad group called Krochet Kids International.

The event will be held in a small park-like setting on Amelia Island.

Just bring a beach chair and a Djembe drum if you have one!

We’ll have a large assortment of KKI’s wonderful beanie caps for sale with 100% of the proceeds donated to the communities of Northern Uganda.




A huge thank you to our friends Mikey DeTemple and
Dustin Miller for their support.