36 Hours in Florida

Shot some video last weekend in St. Augustine, Vilano Beach and at home on Amelia Island…

It feels really strange to have not opened the shack in a few weeks. The weather has been sooooo cold here. 

I peaked in the door a couple days ago and I believe a family of squirrels has taken shelter in the rafters.  I told them it was cool and to hang out for a little while longer…

“Where do the great swells come from and why?”  -a line from Big Wednesday… 

Currently my mind is searching for the source of *inspiration* and why. 

To channel the energy of inspiration into art is in itself art and is quite unexplainable.  No machine or computer could ever re-create this energy… If this were possible there would be no need for galleries nor live concerts nor traditional shaping shacks. 

A great board is created with love; the love of the ocean, art, physics, people, laughter and this world is poured into every board I shape. 

Nothing in this life exists in a vacuum.  Each board is built to last a long time.

Long Live Love…



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