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As an artist, one of the most difficult tasks is to create a confined resume that pinpoints any particular set of skills or concentrated direction.

I am fueled by inspiration.

This often drives me to learn a new craft or research a topic which I might never have thought to pursue.263473_2243243241035_1222528_n

Consequentially, I find myself in a constant state of learning.

I have an insatiable desire for knowledge and my work has always weighed heavily on concept and research.

I grew up in the historic district of a small island in Florida. I was fascinated by old homes and objects from an early age and spent a great deal of time in a magical antique shop just off the main street. The shop was called Harbor Lights and smelled of old books and adventure. During--31-S.-5thThe owner was an artist and carefully explained the relics which caught my attention. This interaction and appreciation for the past sparked a lifelong enjoyment of vestiges from the past.

When I was in my early twenties, I was given the opportunity to restore a large Victorian building constructed in 1888. I spent six years on the project. I had dabbled in carpentry, however it wasn’t until this time that I really began to appreciate the beauty of fine craftsmanship. I researched antiquated construction techniques, architecture and palettes. I met a blacksmith who taught me how to forge wrought iron fencing and weld on-site, as well as a brickmason from Trinidad who assisted me in laying a classical herringbone designed patio with salvaged brick.

When the building was complete, I transformed the downstairs into a small european cafe and jazz parlor.

I fell in love with the idea of working with a three dimensional space and the ability to create in a controlled environment with limitless possibilities and an interactive world that transcends time.

I explored the concepts of light, palette and sound which trigger sensory induced journeys into past, present and future…


Historically Correct “Eight Flags of Amelia Island”


The Bar at Trader Tom’s Island Java









As a lifelong surfer, I am also fascinated with the history of surf culture and specifically the evolution of surfing in the Southern California of the early 1950’s.

I began to play with the idea of creating a surf company based on traditional board manufacturing techniques. There were only a handful of artists shaping traditional longboards and even fewer of them utilizing the lost art of pigment dyed fiberglass resin.

In the old days fiberglass was not perfectly clear, so any color added to the board had to be mixed into the laminating resin. Today, boards are simply painted on the foam and fiberglassed, but the beauty of an original California board built in the 1950’s and 1960’s is still unparalleled.

I spent the next twelve months covered in polyurethane foam.  I built traditional boards and designed a wood silk-screened printing press to emulate every detail of Southern Californian style in the 1950’s.

I started to receive e-mails from legends like Bing Copeland. People connected with the idea of returning to a simpler time…

As much as I loved building surfboards, I always felt like it was an under-appreciated “fine art”.

Even though these were ten foot sculptures to me, they were still only a sporting good to be thrown in the back of a truck and enjoyed for a relatively short period of time.


Our Iconic 1964 Econoline and Classic Surfboards


Detail of a Traditional Surfboard with Hand-Crafted Keel Fin

I longed for a more permanent form of expression and going back to school for Fine Art seemed the natural progression.

I enrolled as a sculpting major, but during my core classes I rediscovered my love for drawing. When I began a introductory course in oil painting, I knew this was my path.

With painting I could push the boundaries of two-dimensional expression…

I studied thirty thousand years of art history and for the first time, really began to understand the long history of the world.

Things began to make sense and I could visualize the evolution of style and concept with the changing tides of humanity. I spent three years in art school and grew and excelled beyond all of my expectations. I graduated proudly with a Bachelors of Fine Arts, cum laude.


Oil on Canvas 24″ x 36″

After graduation, I was ready to tackle a new business.  I had learned the camera for shooting references for my paintings and I fell into photography. I was offered a contract with the Ritz Carlton shooting family portraiture on the beach and formed a small company called Portraits of Amelia. We quickly grew into a high-paced production studio. The following year we signed another contract with the Omni Corporation and the company grew even further.

This experience taught me about business and maintaining working relationships, as well as the importance of time sensitive deadlines and managing a crew full of creative people.

As an artistic outlet though, the portrait business began to feel very structured and limiting to my constantly spinning brain. I wanted something more and knew I had the experience and talents to seek a more fulfilling career.


Portrait on Amelia Island, Photograph

I began to compile a list of knowledge and the skill sets I acquired over the years.

I spoke with many successful friends and decided to take a month off and backpack around Costa Rica to gather my thoughts.

A clear path began to emerge, one that felt much different than my previous experiences.

Everything I had worked towards my entire life started to make sense and I knew my path was in production and design.

I believe a designer isn’t something someone can aspire to be, but something we become through years of experience.



That is why I decided to create this blog.

To try to explain on paper in a few words my credentials to work as a designer would be impossible.

I believe I can only illustrate my talents through my own story; my past, present and unwritten future.

I am a master carpenter, constant researcher, atelier oil painter, plumber, electrician, draftsman, sculptor, designer of furniture and textiles, color theorist, philosopher, historian, mathematician, writer, etc.

I am a perpetually smiling human.


Handcrafted Conceptual Frames Custom Built

I like working with large teams and alone in a creative studio…

I love the outdoors, but get lost in the catacombs of freshly discovered antiquity.

To explain oneself in writing is a daunting task…


Tools of the Past (re)Created to build Traditional Surfing Boards

I thrive in social interaction and much better enjoyed in person!

Thank you for reading this very long introduction. Please free to ask questions and I would be honored to meet with you.

Please see the photos and video below for a detailed view of my portfolio…

Thomas M. Stillwell

Craftsman Series of Short Films for the Sacred Craft Film Festival in Del Mar, California

A Series of Short Films Experimenting with Time-Lapse Photography

A Photographic Portfolio of My Work 2001-Present


Precision Craftsmanship at the Lotus Earth Factory


1950’s Style Pigmented Resin + Pin Stripes


Custom Logo Keel Fins


Custom Built Cherrywood Fin + Sustainable Logo Bamboo Wetsuit


1950’s Resin Panels + Custom Cherrywood Fin with Fiberglass Halo


Screen Printed Rice Paper Logo in Resin


Accolades from Mr. Bing Copeland


Fiberglass Shop with Custom Designed Racks at Lotus Earth


Wooden Screen Printing Developer


Detail of Processing Screen and Graphic Design


Original Wooden Screen Printing Set-Up with Organic Ink


First Press Run of Organic T-Shirt- Marketing


1950’s Style Baseball Caps with Lotus Earth Patch- Riveted

A Recent Promotional Video for Go Yoga Amelia Island


Curved Oak Bar Section- First Carpentry Project


First Project built on a perfect 4 degree slope per A.D.A. Regulations


Design Concept: 1960’s Southern California


Custom Built from 100 year old Florida Cypress- Mop Sink


Detail of Mop Sink + Fantastic Color/Texture Variation in Sunken Cypress


Detail of Backsplash


First Run of Samples- Lotus Earth


Painting with Custom Framework and Studio


Building a 1967 Schwinn-Twinn Tandem Bicycle


Completed Project- 7 days, Every Part including lacing new Spokes…


Marketing Shot- 1960’s Surfing Style


Freshly Lettered 1964 Ford Econoline- Matte Lettering with Drop-Shadows


Style Piece- 1966 Honda Black Bomber


The Bar at Trader Tom’s- Original Milk Fridge 1940’s + Gaggia Grand Espresso Machine


Style- 1954 Volkswagen Single Cab at Trader Tom’s


Graphic Design- Original Retro Logo


Graphic Design- Alternative Logo

hdr_00128_1-test (2)

Studio Shot- Designed in respect to Wyeth’s Studio 1920’s


My First Charity- Free Surfing Clinic, 400+ Participants




Body + Frame Removal- Mechanics


Fully Striped Chassis Ready for Welding + Rebuild


Custom Designed Screen Printing Press- Lotus Earth


One of many completely restored Volkswagens- All Work Performed by Thomas Stillwell


Automotive Interior Restoration- Thomas Stillwell


Before + After


Before + After


Before + After


Before + After


Finished Restoration with Bing’s Logo 1966


Graphic Design- Retro Logo


Fiberglass Lamination Logo- Lotus Earth


1 of 4 Large Murals Completed at the University of North Florida, Hand-glazed Tiles


Restored 1967 Tandem Bicycle + Custom Trailer Built from Recycled Materials


1960’s Style Board Cover, T-Shirt and Hawaiian Wooden Alaia Surf Plank


Hand Surfing Planes for Go-Pro with Custom Bags- Recycled Materials


Razor Sharp Craftsmanship


Glassing Studio at Lotus Earth


Custom Built Sink from Rough-Sawn Reclaimed Florida Cypress


Traditional Whipping and Sisal Rope for Custom Suspended Shelving







Custom Juice Bar with Running On-Demand Hot Water and Power


Mobile Art Studio- 1964 Ford


Photography- 7 Exposure HDR Palette of Blues


Photography- Macro Shot

Goodbye and Thanks For Viewing My Portfolio!!!


Thomas M. Stillwell


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