Innovations, Design and Sculpture

Working on new designs…

Going back to the roots of the late 1950’s “D” Fin Longboard -and- the radical concept 70’s Tombstone Fish.

Both of these boards represent a significant transitional period in Southern California.

The “D” fin is a melange of a 1950’s paradigm and my signature clean straight lines, less rocker and built to glide.

The70’s Fish is one part nostalgia, one part hydrodynamica and two partsart.

Shake, stir and garnish with your favorite tropical wax.


Classic “D” custom made by my friend Shawd at the legendary Rainbow Fin Company

breaking the resin pinlines at far-back set “D”

BING/HOBIE inspired “L-O-T-U-S” with my Swallowtail Glassworks Butterfly Logo

favorite double resin pins with a signature Lotus point at the nose…

thinking far outside the box… check out the convex curves on the rail lines…

There is nothing quite like viewing the beautiful wet curves of the female form lying on a surfboard…

Thisboard was inspired by those gourgeous curves. The thought of how shemight ride is nearly as intoxicating as the experience itself…

covered in foam…

The tail is sculpted last… Kinda hard to conceptualize this boardwithout the radical tail design (though I am fully in the moment here).

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