Nuuhiwa Noserider

Shaper’s Block, is there is such a thing?  I skinned the Nuuhiwa blank last week and then decided to put it aside as my mind just wasn’t functioning in a 60’s paradigm.

A visit to the chiropractor musta jarred the brain and I’m now feeling abnormal again (thank heavens).

The downtime allowed for a revamping of my shaping stand and I bought some great new tools on a recent jaunt to Melbourne.



Here’s the blank.  It has a traditional high density blue foam between two strips of bass wood. 


Here’s the skinned blank… Look carefully and you can see the Nuuhiwa hiding in the foam!


Shaping the signature deep Nuuhiwa concave…


I love the lines of this board.  It’s very refined and much different from a modern longboard.

I’m still trying to decide the colors and theme of the traditional resin tint.  Thinking butterscotch with maybe a Tiffany blue deck inlay with thin white pins and a teardrop accent on the hull…


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