News & Updates

Fall is here and I thought it would be nice to have a “News & Update” page on the website.

Currently Lotus Earth is full steam ahead with product research and development. 

As you may have seen on the blog site,  the Tombstone Fish Model is now ready.  

I just completed a 5′ 6″ version of this board for myself and it is
unreal!  This is hands down the best all around board I have ever
ridden in my twenty years of surfing.  This is the board which gave me
the confidence to create the Lotus Earth Company and the board you will
see me riding 90% of the time.

Next week I’m beginning production on the classic noserider.  This
board will be available in 9’2 – 10′ 2″ and have all the bells and
whistles of a classic 1960’s longboard.  Look for it in the water
within the coming months.

The Eco-Friendly apparel line is growing everyday.  Check out the
sample shirts and caps on the website already… This is just the tip
of the iceberg as I’ve recently discovered an unbelievable resource of
organic cotton, hemp, recycled and alternative low-impact textiles. 
This is very exciting news for me and our planet!

Thank you to everyone for your interest in Lotus Earth.  I am truly humbled and forever grateful for your support.  I’ll let you guys know the moment we have a projected launch date.



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