Waves, Thunderstorms & Nuclear Submarines

A huge storm cell has just overtaken the Island.  Steph was laying out at the 1735 House and I noticed a Nuclear Sub in the channel.

We jumped in the Jeep and flew through the winding roads leading to Fort Clinch.

With every turn the temperature dropped. We were heading directly into a massive thunderstorm.

I snapped a couple shots.

And, unless you’ve been on a different planet, you know we’ve had some amazing days of surf! 

Also some amazing rip tides.  On Thursday I pulled in three kids. They were instantly swept out in one of the most powerful rip tides I’ve seen in twenty years of surfing.

Their mom sat reading a magazine the entire time.  Unbelievable… She still has no idea how close this situation came to disaster.

Other than that moment, I had blast.  No real photos of surfing as I’ve been in the water at least three hours a everyday.
I did snap a couple on Thursday before paddling out.  Not sure how early these were taken, but looking both ways on Ocean Avenue you’ll see there wasn’t a parking space in site!

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