The Mistress

It’s raining this afternoon. 

Had a great session this morning, glassy sets waist high and hollow!

Lot’s of fun with a few good friends. 

Joe Waas was out.

When the tide got too high we decided to polish “The Mistress”.  That’s what I have dubbed Joe’s new 6′ 3″ Tombstone Fish as he has spent countless hours with me in the shack working on this board.  I figured we had better have something to show his wife soon or she would think I was just covering for him while he was out gallivanting around town.

Tonight the Mistress is finally home! Joe’s family should be proud, it is really a jewel… Joe is a great craftsman and poured much of his sweat and talent into the board as well.

Here are some photos starting with the final gloss coat.

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